Cosmetic Repairs

- Our Professional team specialises in cosmetic repairs around your home

brick repair

Brick Repairs

We use high quality resin products to recreate an identical replica of the original brick.

brick tinting

Brick Tinting

We can match any brick, mortar and porous stone without changing the original texture.

hard surface repairs

Hard Surface Repairs

Hard surface repairs are much more time effective and less costly than a replacement, we can perfectly match the colour, texture and blend restoring the surface to its original form.

uPVC repairs

uPVC Repairs

Repairs covering all aspects of damage, chips, dents or scratches that may occur on your window sills and doors.

Ceramic Repairs

Ceramic Repairs

Our high quality resins will ensure an everlasting invisible repair for all ceramic surface, most commonly bathroom sinks.

restoration and repairs

Restoration & Repointing

We can either restore the existing brick work back to the original state or change the existing color. We also specialise in restoring Grade listed buildings.

Sandstone Sill repairs

Sandstone sill repairs

Weathering can cause your Sandstone sills to become unsightly, we can clean, protect and repair your sills to their original glory.

Stone Repair

Stone Repair

Using our resin mix we're able to recreate an identical replica of the original stone no matter the size or damage.



This service includes block, brick and stone. Structural problems, accidents, insurance claims and weathering damage.

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What We Do

We are Q-Resin a Southwest based cosmetic repair company. We started our journey in 2017 and continue to thrive, achieve and learn, we’re absolutely committed to giving you the best service and quality of work. We provide work for both residential and commercial properties.

Our Mission

Our mission at Q-resin is simple, to provide a high quality service in a timely manner. Our team caters to each projects specific needs to ensure excellence. We have very competitive rates to suit all. We provide work for commercial & residential properties. For more information or general inquiries feel free to get in touch via email, phone or call us now on our Facebook page.

Our Latest Work

We have recently completed brick tinting across 18 plots for Barratt Homes. These plots required a blend of 5 different colours to get the perfect match. This project took approximately 2 months to complete.